Art By Marlene Essentials Ink Blending Brushes | Set of 4

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The Art by Marlene Blending Brushes is a set of 4 different sized blending brushes with brightly coloured handles, and is part of the Essentials Collection from Art by Marlene.

These brushes have been designed to apply and blend inks and paint mediums of all colours with precision across a variety of surfaces. The different sized heads on the brushes means no matter the size of the area, you will be able to accurately apply your media of choice. You can also vary the pressure you apply to the brush or the level of ink saturation for different effects, making them perfect for colouring with stencils.

After each use, simply rinse your brushes with a little soap and water, then dry with the bristles down to extend the life.


  • Contains 4 blending brushes
  • Features brightly coloured handles
  • Apply colour mediums with precision using the varying head sizes
  • Flexible handles allowing you to vary the pressure


  • Contains 4 blending brushes
  • Brush head size: 10, 20, 30 and 40mm
  • Colour: Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink

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