Combining heritage and modern design, Manuscript Pen Company is a family run business that has been producing creative tools in Britain since 1856. From dip pens to fountain pens, markers to pencils, Manuscript Pen Company have been helping people celebrate the Art of Writing for over 160 years.

Through our association with D. Leonardt and Co., we’ve come a long way and continue to produce calligraphy pens and quality nibs to get people writing – be it modern calligraphy, copperplate or hand lettering.

We encourage people to put pen (or pencil) to paper and are passionate about producing innovative writing tools suitable for any creative project from calligraphy, lettering, illustration and design, to everyday writing.

Whether you’re an artist or a student, make sure your pencil case stands out with our fountain pens, celebrate the art of beautiful writing with our dip pens, and make your own mark with our marker pens!

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