3D Paper Flowers: A Step-by-Step Video Guide to making your own Paper Flowers

Paper Flower Making Video Tutorial

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How to Make a Paper Flower

In this paper flower making tutorial we will be using a variety of Sizzix dies, crepe paper from the Sizzix Surfaces range, a flower accessory-making kit, and the Sizzix Effects Liquid Gloss 2 for that finishing touch of shine. Additionally, having a trusty glue gun on standby is essential for securing our floral elements.

Die-cutting and Preparation of the Paper

How to make a paper flower with dies

Our first step is to die-cut the petals and leaves from the crepe paper using the Sizzix dies. With a careful eye on color selection, we aim to recreate the natural beauty of a flower. It's important to note the direction of the paper grain while cutting to ensure optimal flexibility and shaping later on.

Inking and Shaping the Paper Petals

inking and shaping the paper flower petals

Once the petals are cut, we gently ink the edges to add dimension and realism. Using stencil brushes and distress oxide ink, we delicately apply color to the tips of each petal. Next, employing the fold and form tool from Sizzix, we shape the petals by curving and creasing them to mimic the organic curves of real flowers.

Assembly and Construction of the Paper Flowers

how to make a paper flower

With all elements prepared, it's time to assemble our 3D flower. Starting with the flower center, we secure the wire stem to a wooden bead using hot glue. Then, layer by layer, we attach the petals, ensuring each one overlaps the previous for a natural, layered effect. The leaves are added strategically to complement the overall composition.

sizzix handmade flower kit

A touch of Sizzix Effects Liquid Gloss 2 adds a glossy finish, enhancing the lifelike appearance of the petals. Reflecting on the process, we celebrate the joy of crafting and the satisfaction of creating something truly special.

We hope you enjoy making your own handmade flowers. With the right tools, materials, and a dash of imagination, anyone can bring a touch of nature indoors. So, whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner, why not give it a try? Let your creativity bloom, and who knows what beautiful creations you'll bring to life.

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ow to make a paper flower video tutorial