These are guidelines only, and as every machine acts differently, you will need to find the correct cut settings for your own machine. You can find help and how to perform test cuts by visiting your machine's manufacturer website and searching their help/FAQ pages.

  1. Place the self-adhesive vinyl on to your mat with the coloured side facing up towards you, and the backing facing the mat.

  2. Perform a test cut to minimise wastage of the vinyl before sending a full design to cut.

  3. Remove (weed) the excess vinyl from around your design.
    If you are finding it difficult to remove the excess from your cut, it would suggest that your cutting depth is not deep enough.
    If your blade cuts too deep into the carrier sheet, this will make weeding away the excess easier, but more difficult when it comes to transferring to your blank.

  4. Once you have removed the excess vinyl from your design, cut a piece of application tape to size and apply to the design, using a squeegee tool/credit card to remove any air bubbles.

  5. Rub (burnish) over the design numerous times to create a bond between the face of the cut design and your application tape to both the front and back.

  6. With your design facing downwards on to a solid surface, peel away the vinyl backing liner from the application tape slowly. If the cut design lifts at this point and you find it difficult to get the cut design to stick to the application tape sheet, replace and burnish again.

  7. Ensure the surface of the blank you are decorating has been thoroughly cleaned and is free of any dust, grease or dirt as this will impact the durability of the adhesive. It is best to use isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth. Allow to evaporate fully before applying your design.

  8. Once in place, burnish the design well and leave for a minute or two, to allow the adhesive to start to bond with the blank’s surface, before slowly peeling back the application tape. If the design lifts with the application tape, replace and burnish again.
    To reduce air bubbles, take your time with this process.
    Air bubbles can be popped with the end of a fine needle.

**NOTE: If decorating drinkware, make sure your creation is left for at least 72 hours before use and exposing to water. Also note that font choice and size is important – the larger the area of font, the better.

To care for your creation, do not submerge in hot, soapy water. Gentle hand-wash only.

Self-adhesive vinyl is not food, dishwasher or microwave safe. It is also a choking hazard for small children as it can be removed with intention so, please be cautious with decorating drinkware for small children.